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Also like the "leaked" version, AT&T choose not to include the most recent versions of essential software. You have the AT&T Navigator, Media Mall, and an assortment of trial versions pre-installed.If you need to free up the space these app take up, you can always turn to third-party apps such as Crud Scraper to clean things up.The HTC Ty TN II (also known as the HTC Kaiser, the HTC P4550, and the HTC 8925) is an Internet-enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone designed and marketed by HTC Corporation of Taiwan.It has a tilting touchscreen with a right-side slide-out QWERTY keyboard.Both 2D and 3D graphics were affected, with notable symptoms being poor video playback and severely low frame-rates when running 3D applications and games.however the device was consistently outperformed by older HTC devices.

The update ROM is built on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Sense 2.5." While it’s true that the phone is super connected and packed with features, it’s certainly not without its shortcomings.Yes, Windows Mobile 6.0 is considered by many to be ill conceived and flawed, but it isn’t the only thing preventing an out-of-box Tilt from living up to the hype. Just as many computers come loaded with an absurd amount of bloatware (the Sony Vaio TZ is among the most ridiculous), the AT&T Tilt ships with a good deal of trial software and worthless carrier-specific applications. To do this, perform a hard reset (Start - Clear Storage) followed by a soft reset (push stylus into reset hole located between micro SD slot and mini USB port) when the 3-second countdown to the "custom app" installation begins.Rather than line up the usual suspects and bash them with a bat, I’ve compiled a list of solutions to 10 of the most commonly cited problems encountered by new Tilt owners. The Tilt will reboot and be completely free of all the AT&T nonsense.Applying the fixes is fast, easy (no registry editor required), mostly free, and guaranteed to improve finger-friendliness and general usability of the AT&T Tilt. This is not an exhaustive list of everything that could improve the Tilt’s user experience, but it is related to what I’ve encountered personally (at the time of this writing, I’ve been using my Tilt for 8.5 weeks) and read about most frequently. UPDATE: If you are using Windows Mobile 6.1, perform the soft reset Back to top Customize the Today screen.

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