Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions

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In the diagram, the transaction log is configured to record a topic named to include only messages published to the topic with the same name as the queue.

This simple queue provides each message that arrives for the queue to at most one subscriber.

AMPS includes high performance queuing built on the AMPS messaging engine and transaction log.

AMPS message queues combine elements of classic message queuing with the advanced messaging features of AMPS, including content filtering, aggregation and projection, historical replay, and so on. AMPS message queues help you easily solve some common messaging problems: While it’s possible to create applications with these properties by using the other features of AMPS, message queues provide these functions built into the AMPS server.

Hi Can you confirm whether the following would work?

For small databases or publications where the snapshot to reinitialize the publication will be small and push quickly, it's simplest and best to just reinitialize the entire publication and generate/push a new snapshot.

The other day we had an issue on our distributor that caused deadlocks on the Distribution database.

Several of the Log Reader Agents suffered fatal errors due to being chosen as the deadlock victim.

The following diagram illustrates a simple usage of a queue to distribute work across three publishers.

This diagram shows a simple use of AMPS queues to distribute work.

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