Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

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There were no stamps before 1928 First Stamp 1920s-30s Castantinople Gretch distributed K zildjians fron Turkey and A(Aram) zildjians from Romania (A Zildjian & Cie dissolved in 1926) until Aram moved to the USA in 1928 to start the Avedis Zildjian Co.

Gretsch owned the constantinople trademark but did not use it from 1928 and A. A US Court cancelled the Gretsch rights to the Trademark – read the Report Constantinople trademark – Zildjian Vs Gretsch This entry was posted by admin on January 27, 2011 at am, and is filed under Zildjian Stamps. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

Early 70s - missing 3 dots, thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co (1 cymbal)So then today, I see these hi hats on e Bay which have the hollow ink logo with the thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co but *also* have the 3 dots which doesn't match any of the cymbals that I have! EDIT: The e Bay cymbals you linked are certainly unusual, if everything is legit. Coelacanth, For those of us looking for later era inexpensive Zildjians, I was looking at creating my own personal 70s and 80s Zildjian stamp/logo timeline.

A Zildjian Stamp Timeline Chinese Cymbals G Zildjian Cymbal Mystery Italian (UFIP) Cymbals K Zildjian - Canada & US Timeline K Zildjian - Constantinople Timeline K Zildjian - Istanbul Timeline Stamp Anomalies (new) The city of Turkey officially changed its name from “Constantinople” to “Istanbul” in 1930.If the ink logo is gone, then the range becomes wider.Most of my CO/solid logo cymbals came with my Vistalite set that I bought in 1988 and they already had a fair amount of patina so I'm pretty confident they are from early to mid 80s.Each Zildjian cymbal that is made carries a maker’s stamp.These stamps have changed over the years in a subtle and not so subtle manner and therefore they represent a timeline of sorts and a way of evaluating the ages of cymbals.

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