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The great majority of Ontario's population and arable land is located in the south.In contrast, the larger, northern part of Ontario is sparsely populated with cold winters and heavy forestation.Run To The Sun in Grand Bend, Ontario 2017 Are you looking for the biggest fireworks in Southwest Ontario?We set off fireworks on July 1 every year so you must come visit our beach with us.Despite the absence of any mountainous terrain in the province, there are large areas of uplands, particularly within the Canadian Shield which traverses the province from northwest to southeast and also above the Niagara Escarpment which crosses the south.The highest point is Ishpatina Ridge at 693 metres (2,274 ft) above sea level located in Temagami, Northeastern Ontario.The North beach at the west end of Main Street in Grand Bend is full of young sun worshipers all dressed in their finest bathing suits recently purchased in one of many stores on Main Street.

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The city ranges from areas concentrated with many new immigrants, to upper-middle class suburbs to expensive areas by the lake.

Burlington is also sister cities with Myrtle Beach in south Carolina, and Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

Chief Joseph Brant (the prominent Mohawk leader and loyalist) was granted the land which is now Burlington in 1798, by King George III, in return for his services to the Crown during the American Revolution and the Seven Years War.

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Ontario is bordered by the province of Manitoba to the west, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north, and Quebec to the east and northeast, and to the south by the U. states of (from west to east) Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

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